Announcing the Arizona Four Corners and Arizona Four Borders Tours


1. Each tour must be done separately, they may not be combined. Cost of each tour is FREE.

2. The routing and the order of visiting the checkpoints is the rider’s choice. Traveling beyond the state borders is allowed, if desired.

3. The entire tour must be completed in seven consecutive (7) days. That is, if you start on a Saturday you must complete the tour before the end of the following Friday.

4. The tour must be ridden on a motorcycle, motorcycle with sidecar or trike, no four-wheeled vehicles are allowed.

5. A picture of you and/or your ride must be taken at each checkpoint in front of some landmark that prominently shows the checkpoint’s town’s name…city limit sign, post office, police station, library, welcome sign, etc. Make sure the photos are clear and in focus without your helmet as these will be the photos on the website commemorating your accomplishment. If you are riding alone, then a photo of you and/or your ride in front of a checkpoint is OK.

6. A gas receipt from a local station at each checkpoint with a date/time stamp on it must be obtained and submitted for proof of accomplishment. The receipt must show the town’s name and you must write your odometer reading on it. All documentation must be submitted within 7 days of completion of the tour.

7. The seven (7) day time limit for the tour begins with the first gas receipt’s date/time stamp and ends with the last gas receipt’s date/time stamp. Don’t forget to write the odometer reading on each gas receipt.

8. You do not need to fill out a registration form or notify the Tour Host in advance that you are riding the tour. Upon completion of a tour, mail your photos, gas receipts, your name and return address to Wayne & Leslie Winslow, 7746 E Lakeview Ct, Scottsdale, AZ 85258. Please tell us your t-shirt size also.

Click below for a handy tour checklist to help you keep track of checkpoint requirements

[Print checklist form]
[Download Excel file]

BMMC AZ 4 Corner Tour Checkpoints
(approximate distance – 1,300 miles):
[Map of the Corner Checkpoints]

Corner Checkpoint Town
Northwest Beaver Dam or Littlefield
Northeast Teec Nos Pos
Southeast Douglas
Southwest San Luis

* There is no gas station in Beaver Dam or Littlefield. A gas receipt from Mesquite, NV or St. George, UT is OK. Also, you may use the Arizona state border sign (photo above) at the AZ/UT border North of Beaver Dam on old US 91 as the NW checkpoint or the sign at the Beaver Dam High School.

[Tom Clement’s Garmin GPS Route] You may wish to use different roads and ride in a clockwise direction – the choice is entirely yours.

BMMC AZ 4 Border Tour Checkpoints
(approximate distance – 1,100 miles):
[Map of Border Checkpoints]

Border Checkpoint Town
North Page
East Alpine
South Sasabe
West Topock

Awards Upon Completion & Verification of Ride

1. Certificate of Completion.
2. The name of each finisher will be displayed on the BMMC website with dates, pictures, and finishing times.
3. Tee shirt showing the ride’s checkpoints.
4. Respect, admiration and envy from your BMMC riding colleagues!