1000 Mile East Loop Ride

This is just a quick report to let the Club know that 13 of us — members and non-members — completed the East Loop on February 6 – 8. We followed Gene’s recommended route excpet for the last day, in which most of us followed Hwy 70 from Lordsburg to Globe for lunch instead of staying on I-10 to Tucson.
The riders were: Me, Tom Clements (Lead), Yamaha FJR 1300; Gene Adee (Sweep), H-D; Chip Allison, Goldwing; Steve Butzer, BMW R1200RT; Bob Cannon, FJR 1300; E.B. and Judy Chester, H-Ds; Bill Diem, Goldwing; John Edge, H-D; Gene Garat, Goldwing; Richard Grubenhoff, BMW 1300GT; Bill Unternaehrer, ST1100; Jim Whiting, Goldwing.
We took an hour to tour the VLA radiotelescopes on the Magdalena plain and spent the first night at the Days Inn in Socorro and ate across the street at a nice steak and burger place. The second day started leaisurely at 9:00 after all had enjoyed breakfast at a nearby diner, and the day’s diversion was an hour’s stop in Lincoln, NM, touring all of the Billy the Kid locales.
That night was another Days Inn, this time in Deming, with dinner at the next door Grand Motel, in the bar with an over-loaded barmaid. (But rather good food and even service!) On Friday, after the free breakfast at the motel, Gene Adee, and the Chesters hit the road early, they took the direct path back on I-10. The remaining ten took 70, with an hour’s coffee-break in the little burg of Duncan at a nice bakery. Gene Garat took over Sweep duties.
After a great Mexican lunch at Chalo’s in Globe, Bob Cannon, Bill Diem, and Jim Whiting headed back on 60 while the remaining seven took 188 to the Beeline and back. Weather was cool but no rain and little wind. A great time was had by all! .
Tom Clements 

1000 Mile West Loop Ride

Eight BMMC and non-BMMC Members,  — Jim Whiting, Gene Garat, Bob Cannon, Leon Boyd, Jim Moore, Steve Butzer, Bill Unternaehrer, and Tom Clements completed the 1000 Mile West Loop ride this past Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Great weather, good company, and no MC problems. I made minor changes — improvements, I hope — to Gene’s layout and we had some great parts of the ride…as well as some long boring stretches, too. (That California desert is BIG.)

We also found good, cheap, park-by-the-door motels with excellent restaurants within walking distance on both nights…one just outside of Julian and one in Kingman on old Route 66. I have all of the info and updated Mapsource routes for the three days if anyone wants them.

Tom Clements