Arizona 500/1000 Mile Rides

The BMMC 500 mile and 1000 mile rides are not official BMMC guided rides but are a series of four 500 mile loops and four 1000 mile loops that are designed to route you through some of the best scenery and motorcycle roads Arizona and surrounding states have to offer.  

Each of the eight rides come complete with routes, maps, turn-by-turn directions, GPS routing files plus suggestions for restaurants and motels.

All the planning has been done for you…all you need to do is get out and ride! The 500 mile rides are planned as two day (one overnight) rides but some of you will ride them in one day.

The idea is for a leisurely ride with your friends to take in the sights and appreciate the beauty of the Southwest. You can’t smell the roses doing 65!!!!  The 1000 mile loops also can be done in one long day by some riders in the club, but they are planned as 3 day rides (2 overnights).

The routes and places to stay and eat are suggestions but they have been field tested by some of your fellow BMMC members so you can’t go wrong.  Feel free to customize the rides/routes for any side trips to see and enjoy places of interest.  Above all, have fun.

These are recreational rides for your enjoyment.  There is no sign-up or ride validation procedure for these rides.

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Arizona Four Corners/Four Borders Tour

The BMMC Four Corners and Four Border Rides is a take-off of the Southern California Motorcycle Association’s Four Corners Ride that fellow BMMC members Gene Adee and Tom Clements completed in the Spring of 2008. The official Four Corners ride challenges riders to ride to the furthest 4 corners of the United States in 21 days!

A mini version of this ride adapted to our home state of Arizona challenges BMMC riders to ride to either the furthest four corners or borders of Arizona in 7 days. These are very doable rides and may well introduce you to sections of Arizona you haven’t seen from your saddle.

There are specific rules that need to be followed regarding documenting your arrival at the corners or borders, but you are free to choose your own route and start at whichever corner or border that suits your fancy.

If you wish to receive recognition for your ride including your photo on the website, there are specific ride validation procedures you must follow.

The Four Corner mileage* is about 1,300 and the Four Border mileage* is about 1,100.

*Important note about mileage: The mileage figures above do not include mileage from your home to your first starting point OR your return mileage home from the last checkpoint. Please keep that in mind when planning your tour.

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